Our Mission

LOBAH is the only North American travel company specializing solely in Balkan travel. Born and cultivated in the Balkans, we offer unique travel experiences through Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia with a single mission in mind: to show people the best the Balkans has to offer.

With years of experience traveling around the region both independently and leading groups, LOBAH has established trusted relationships with local suppliers and on-the-ground experts in each country, as well as procured the most unique experiences to offer its clients in order to ensure they leave having had the most memorable trip possible through the Land OBlood And Honey.

In addition to Signature Sojurns and Tailor-Made Tours, we also offer Trip Consulting for explorers interested in traveling through the region on their own but would like a little guidance from Balkan travel experts while creating their own adventure.

Today the Balkans is one of the best kept secrets in Europe not only for its beauty and incredible hospitality, but also for its value. Don’t let “boutique” or “luxury” deter you as you will probably find our tours to be priced around the same or even less than most others – we just spend more time making sure you get the best in comfort and service while you are on the ground and would never compromise the quality of the experience by cutting corners.

Throw all stereotypes you may have out the window and come adventure with us through one of the last corners of Europe to be fully discovered by travelers!

Our Founder

My love affair with the Balkans began back in 2007 on my first trip there, most probably right around the moment I took my first sip of rakija with the lovely Croatian family I was staying with on the gorgeous island of Hvar. How my relationship with this magical region would develop over the next decade, I could not have dreamed up in a million years. Yet now, I could not imagine it any other way nor my life without some Balkans in it.

LOBAH was initially conceived around 2015. After traveling through all the countries extensively and documenting most of it on my travel blog, I started to notice a big interest in the region from readers – but also a lot of confusion on whether it was safe to go, how to go, and where to go. My response to this was to show them myself through my own small group tours entirely designed by me. Not only did I want to make sure they saw all the best things which made me fall in love with each country, but I also wanted to make sure they became acquainted with all the colorful characters I had met along my own travels – both those officially working in tourism and local legends not working in tourism – who I knew would give them the best insight into each destination and make it truly memorable. After all, it’s the people that makes the Balkans such a special place…

Eventually, I ended up calling the Balkans my home for a couple of years and it’s during that time that I worked intensively with tourism development around the region and got acquainted with the best in the business in each country. From government officials and local tourism boards to Orthodox monks and taxi drivers, I’m proud to say I’ve developed quite the amazing extended tourism industry family there, and it’s together with them that I am confident LOBAH will provide an unparalleled experience to you in our beloved Balkans.

Larissa Olenicoff
CEO & Founder of LOBAH Travel